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"This film was released in 2007, it is adapted from the famous book The Mist by Stephen King. A truly hair-raising movie with a very unexpected ending. The plot, the characters, the monsters, everything you expect from Stephen King is found in this movie."
Por Dafne Venet
Aug 31, 2022

This film was released in 2007, it is adapted from the famous book The Mist by Stephen King. A truly hair-raising movie with a very unexpected ending. The plot, the characters, the monsters, everything you expect from Stephen King is found in this movie.

Our story begins like any other, on a stormy night, the wind was fierce and the trees disheveled.

The next morning, the Drayton family wake up to a tree impaled on their dad David Drayton’s art studio and their shed is smashed to pieces by neighbor Brent Norton’s tree, they didn’t have a good relationship but they tolerated each other. Billy, the son, notices in the distance a thick fog coming from the lake towards the city but they do not take it so seriously and David decides to go with Billy to the supermarket to buy what is necessary to repair the window where he had fallen. the tree, and gives her neighbor Brent a ride, the mom decides not to go.

Along the way they saw too many military cars going in the direction the fog came from, it seemed strange to them but they continued on their way to the supermarket. Upon arrival, the entire town was there, preparing their pantry to prepare for another storm like last night. Everyone was very worried but grateful that the storm did not get worse, it was pure material things that were destroyed.

“Don’t go near the fog, there’s something there!”

Some military officers entered the supermarket, they looked suspicious but wanted to make sure everyone was okay. Suddenly, an elderly man runs into the store with blood on his face and shirt and yells, “Don’t go near the fog, there’s something there!”. All frightened turned outside, the entrance of the supermarket was covered with glass, and they saw how the fog began to approach them; They closed the doors of the supermarket when a lady says that she had to go get her small children, that she had left them at home alone, one taking care of the other. They stare at the lady but no one offers to go with her, David holds Billy in his arms and ignores her. So she decides to go alone through the fog in search of her children.

Everyone tried to stay calm but some were panicking, David tried to stay in control and the military didn’t interfere. There was a problem with the store’s light fixture in the garage, it wasn’t that imminent but some store managers asked David and others from the store for help.

A young man decides to be brave and go outside where the fog was to repair the device. David told him not to risk going out into the fog but he ignored him. Very slowly the garage door begins to rise and the fog was seen to the raz, and suddenly giant tentacles grab the young man and start to pull him, everyone is shocked and the only one who reacted was David, he holds him by the arms. arms but the tentacles have him by the feet. The tentacles had claws and they stuck them into the boy and dragged him away. Everyone was shocked not knowing what to do.

What was it out there? Was it a monster?

They decide to tell the rest of the customers in the supermarket what happened and typical. The character of the religious lady enters saying “it is a punishment from God” reciting parables from the Bible of the apocalypse. Eventually some had to leave, they armed themselves to the teeth but every time they left no one returned, very few returned alive or whole.

The religious lady increasingly began to grab more followers and they paid attention to her madness. One of the soldiers confesses that everything that is happening was a failed government experiment, they wanted to open a portal to another dimension, and what happened was that our dimension collapsed with theirs, the monsters from outside, that’s why they were out of control. The religious lady decides to “sacrifice” the soldier to the monsters for his “sin” she blames him and all his followers paid attention to him, David and a few others tried to stop them but it was useless.

A giant monster is seen eating the soldier and David, his son and the others were shocked that they decided to escape the next morning from the supermarket but were ambushed by the religious lady and her followers. they struggled and one of the store managers He takes out a pistol and shoots the religious lady in the head, everyone was scared but finally they were able to escape from the supermarket. The goal was to get to David’s truck but not everyone made it. David, Billy and three other people did catch up and drove through the fog until the gas ran out. 

“I killed them for nothing!”

The gasoline gave way and they were stranded in the middle of the road with fog everywhere, David took the pistol with which they shot the religious lady, it had four bullets but there were five of them in the truck, everyone unanimously knew what continued, Billy’s son was asleep but when he opens his eyes he sees how the father shoots everyone and he remains hopeless with blood on his hands ready to face the monsters, he no longer had anything to lose. In the distance you can see that some military trucks come out of the fog and they take rescued people with them. The lady from the supermarket who went looking for her children was there with them. David knelt down and yelled “I killed them for nothing!”

This is how the movie ends. It’s a very gruesome ending but it leaves you wondering, what could have happened if they waited just a bit longer? If they fighted for their lives just a bit longer. 

Dafne Venet

Dafne Venet

Arts & Books writer of The Bookish Man.
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